Marcelo Suetake

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Intelligent Systems are able technical of incorporate knowledge and, therefore, are being employed in different areas, improving and innovating conventional methods. As an example, the presence of artificial intelligence in monitoring systems to identify faults in electric motors. The purpose of such systems is to prevent unscheduled maintenance or avoid(More)
Estimating the electrical and mechanical parameters involved in three-phase induction motors is frequently employed to avoid measuring every variable in the process. Among mechanical parameters, speed is an important variable: it is involved in control, diagnosis, condition monitoring, and can be measured or estimated by sensorless methods. These(More)
Surface aquatic vehicles present a complex dynamic behavior since they operate between two different fluids, air and water, each one with a different density and viscosity. Wind and surface currents affect vehicle motion in different manners. This paper shows the development of an estimator based on an artificial neural network which is used for wind(More)
Crab cavities have been installed in the KEKB B– Factory rings to compensate the crossing angle at the collision point and thus increase luminosity. The beam operation with crab crossing has been done since February 2007. This is the first experience with such cavities in colliders or storage rings. The crab cavities have been working without serious(More)
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