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The ratio of males to females in a population is a meaningful characteristic of sexual species. The reason for this biological property to be available to the observers of nature seems to be a question never asked. Introducing the notion of historically adapted populations as global minimizers of maintenance cost functions, we propose a theoretical(More)
Recently Ott, Tomforde and Willis introduced a notion of one-sided shifts over infinite alphabets and proposed a definition for sliding block codes between such shift spaces. In this work we propose a more general definition for sliding block codes between Ott-Tomforde-Willis shift spaces and then we prove Curtis-Hedlund-Lyndon type theorems for them,(More)
This paper considers a two-dimensional logistic model to study populations with two genders. The growth behavior of a population is guided by two coupled ordinary differential equations given by a non-differentiable vector field whose parameters are the secondary sex ratio (the ratio of males to females at time of birth), inter-, intra- and outer-gender(More)
In this note we propose an alternative definition for sliding block codes between shift spaces. This definition coincides with the usual definition in the case that the shift space is defined on a finite alphabet, but it encompass a larger class of maps when the alphabet is infinite. In any case, the proposed definition keeps the idea that a sliding block(More)
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