Marcelo Rodrigues Miranda

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Short-latency somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEPs) were recorded from 10 parkinsonian patients in 'off' and 'on' states induced by apomorphine and levodopa. The effects of apomorphine and long-term levodopa treatment on the frontal N30 component were assessed and compared with healthy controls. Nine of 10 patients tested with apomorphine showed a(More)
Increasing water use and droughts, along with climate variability and land use change, have seriously altered vegetation growth patterns and ecosystem response in several regions alongside the Andes Mountains. Thirty years of the new generation biweekly normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI3g) time series data show significant land cover specific(More)
Sydenham's chorea is often regarded as a relatively benign and self-limiting condition. Treatment is typically symptomatic, although occasionally immunomodulatory therapies are required in severe forms. Here we report a girl who was affected with the severe variant, chorea paralytica, who responded dramatically and rapidly to plasmapheresis, having failed(More)
Although several proposals for an infrageneric classification of Epidendrum have been proposed, none is congruent with the most recent molecular analysis. One of the known informal groups proposed in the genus, the “Arbuscula group,” is characterized by an upright sympodial habit in which successive new stems emerge internodally from the leaf sheath and a(More)
Immanuel Kant, one of the most brilliant minds of the XVIII century and of western philosophy, suffered from dementia in his late years. Based on the analysis of testimonies of his close friends, in this report we describe his neurological disorder which, after 8years of evolution, led to his death. His cognitive decline was strongly associated with a(More)
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