Marcelo Ricardo Stemmer

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This paper summarizes some techniques used in a project that goals to analyze Real-Time Systems features in a way that allows to model and to implement software and hardware components that will compose a framework repository to the automatic generation of Systems-on-a-Chip. Tools associated to that framework will allow co-design and software/hardware(More)
A major subject in real-time embedded systems is the management of the tasks that compose the system respecting its real-time constraints. This is usually accomplished by the adequate selection of a scheduling policy. This work proposes a design and implementation of real-time schedulers for embedded systems within the context of Application Oriented System(More)
This paper describes experimental results applying artificial neural networks to perform the position control of a real scara manipulator robot. The general control strategy consists of a neural controller that operates in parallel with a conventional controller based on the feedback error learning architecture. The main advantage of this architecture is(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of the SIFT (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) algorithm against two scenarios related to industrial automation. The first one is related to automated inspection systems. The second scenario describes a vision-based robot and vehicle navigation. The evaluation was performed in the sense of verifying if SIFT complies with(More)
Embedded systems usually run dedicated applications in highly restricted environments. This paper describes our approach to configure and generate embedded systems and a tool to assist this process that is being used with EPOS (Embedded and Parallel Operating System), an OS developed using AOSD. This tool receives a high level specification of the(More)