Marcelo Rame

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We discuss two-stage preconditioners for solving systems of coupled nonlinear partial diierential equations in the modeling of underground multiphase ow phenomena. The linear systems arising from the discretization and Newton linearization are nonsymmetric and indeenite but coeecient blocks associated with a particular type of unknown possess properties(More)
Domain decomposition methods are a major area of contemporary research in numerical analysis of partial diierential equations. They provide robust, parallel and scalable preconditioned iterative methods for the large linear systems arising when continuous problems are discretized by nite elements, nite diierences or spectral methods. This paper presents(More)
This paper describes a study of the use of data-parallel languages such as Fortran D or High Performance Fortran (HPF) and their compilation systems for existing large scienti c applications. The central question addressed in this study is: Do such languages allow the expression of the parallelism available in the applications so that the underlying(More)
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