Marcelo Pimenta

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Although endometriosis is a disorder commonly found in reproductive-age women, it does not involve the bowel very often. The circumferential involvement of the rectum is rare and the obstructive symptoms can be difficult to differentiate from those of inflammatory or malignant diseases. We report two patients with rectal endometriosis whose first prominent(More)
Ontologies have been applied in Computer Science to ensure the semantic interoperability among multiple systems. With the increasing of ontologies availability, many approaches for promoting the share and reuse of ontologies have been investigated in recent years, like ontology module extraction (modularization) and ontology view extraction. Approaches for(More)
This paper presents two studies that focus on usability problems (especially for technologically excluded people) of the Brazilian Electronic Voting Machine (BEVM) and an analysis of its evolution from 1996, when this device began to spread throughout the country, to 2002, when the BEVM was put into use in all electoral locations across Brazil. INTRODUCTION(More)
Debugging is a laborious activity in which developers spend lot of time navigating through code, looking for starting points, and stepping through statements. Yet, although debuggers exist for 40 years now, there have been few research studies to understand this important and laborious activity. Indeed, to perform such a study, researchers need detailed(More)
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