Marcelo Oliveira Mazzetto

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OBJECTIVE This study measures and compares use of and satisfaction with medical and social services in addition to subjectively perceived needs of family supporters of patients with probable or possible Alzheimer's disease (AD) and family supporters of non-demented elderly people. Differences in judgement of services within the subpopulation of families of(More)
This study describes a new experience of the authors in the treatment of extraforaminal disc herniation via the micro-endoscopic far lateral approach to establish a less traumatic approach to extraforaminal disc herniation with less stay in hospital and less cost. Seventeen patients who underwent surgery for extraforaminal disc herniation were analysed and(More)
Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are manifested as a group of signs and symptoms that affect a particular population profile. Some variables such as sex and age influence the clinical expression of this condition. This observational descriptive cross-sectional study aimed to correlate the severity of TMD established by the craniomandibular index (CMI) with(More)
This study investigated the existence of association between the angulation of the styloid process on the anterior and medial directions with the intensity of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) symptoms. Fifty patients (8 men and 42 women) aged 25 to 70 years, with relevant TMD symptoms were evaluated. Clinical examinations were performed to determine the(More)
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