Marcelo Mendoza

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In this paper we propose a method that, given a query submitted to a search engine, suggests a list of related queries. The related queries are based in previously issued queries, and can be issued by the user to the search engine to tune or redirect the search process. The method proposed is based on a query clustering process in which groups of(More)
In this article we explore the behavior of Twitter users under an emergency situation. In particular, we analyze the activity related to the 2010 earthquake in Chile and characterize Twitter in the hours and days following this disaster. Furthermore, we perform a preliminary study of certain social phenomenons, such as the dissemination of false rumors and(More)
search engine queries whose aim is to identify groups of queries used to search for similar information on the Web. The framework is based on a novel term vector model of queries that integrates user selections and the content of selected documents extracted from the logs of a search engine. The query representation obtained allows us to treat query(More)
Web usage mining is a main research area in Web mining focused on learning about Web users and their interactions with Web sites. Main challenges in Web usage mining are the application of data mining techniques to Web data in an efficient way and the discovery of non trivial user behaviour patterns. In this paper we focus the attention on search engines(More)
Purpose – Twitter is a popular microblogging service which has proven, in recent years, its potential for propagating news and information about developing events. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the analysis of information credibility on Twitter. The purpose of our research is to establish if an automatic discovery process of relevant and credible(More)
Social media services have spread throughout the world in just a few years. They have become not only a new source of information, but also new mechanisms for societies world-wide to organize themselves and communicate. Therefore, social media has a very strong impact in many aspects -- at personal level, in business, and in politics, among many others. In(More)
Twitter sentiment analysis or the task of automatically retrieving opinions from tweets has received an increasing interest from the web mining community. This is due to its importance in a wide range of fields such as business and politics. People express sentiments about specific topics or entities with different strengths and intensities, where these(More)
People react to events, topics and entities by expressing their personal opinions and emotions. These reactions can correspond to a wide range of intensities, from very mild to strong. An adequate processing and understanding of these expressions has been the subject of research in several fields, such as business and politics. In this context, Twitter(More)