Marcelo Luiz Gehlen

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PURPOSE To develop a cross-cultural Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) for the Brazilian population and analyze its validity and effectiveness. METHODS Based on the guidelines of Guillemin et al., four English teachers, an ophthalmologist, a rheumatologist, two ophthalmology residents and a native American who does not speak Portuguese were invited. The(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence of lacrimal dysfunction during pregnancy comparing it to non-pregnant women and to correlate these findings with obstetric history. METHODS We interviewed 150 pregnant and 150 non-pregnant women for symptoms of dry eyes and obstetric history. Both groups underwent Schirmer I testing and responded to a questionnaire on dry(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the existence of ocular diseases in the first 48 hours of life of newborns and relate it to the clinical suspicious of pediatricians. METHODS A prospective study was performed. All infants that were born between July and December of 2000 were evaluated in the nursery of Hospital Universitário Evangélico de Curitiba (HUEC). Six hundred(More)
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