Marcelo Lopes de Oliveira e Souza

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Fault-tolerant control design of wheeled planetary rovers is described. This paper covers all steps of the design process, from modeling/simulation to experimentation. A simplified contact model is used with a multibody simulation model and tuned to fit the experimental data. The nominal mode controller is designed to be stable and has its parameters(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the influence of clock synchronization on the scheduler of control tasks in a real time computer system where each computer has its own clock. We use the Kalman filtering technique with a twostate clock model to synchronize the computers utilizing the TrueTime toolbox. The results show that the Kalman filter yields good(More)
Currently, Reconfigurable Control Systems (RCS) are becoming more and more widespread and studied in the aerospace community. This work presents the analysis, design and simulation of reconfigurable control architecture for the Contingency Mode of the Multimission Platform (MMP), a generic service module currently under design at INPE. Its embedded real(More)
Control systems of satellites, aircrafts, automobiles, traffic controls, etc., are becoming increasingly complex and/or highly integrated due to their use of computers networked via communication devices and protocols working in real time. In these systems, the time requirements should be followed strictly, with great precision and synchronization;(More)
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