Marcelo Hashimoto

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We present a mobile device application that uses information from Wi-Fi signals and from the device's camera to help the localization estimation in indoor environments. The application runs entirely on the mobile device without relying on an external server to achieve real-time performance. The estimation of the localization using camera information is(More)
This paper proposes a traffic control scheme that uses application flows as identified by application information in the packets being transferred. The proposal increases flexibility in terms of IP packet routing. First, it is confirmed that individual application flows can be routed through their own minimum-cost paths. Cost is determined, for each flow,(More)
New network applications requiring broadband transfer, such as broadcasting services, are emerging and quality requirements for networks are becoming more diversified. Considering that these applications usually generate time-varying traffic in the network, which has limited link bandwidth, dynamic traffic engineering (TE) will be helpful to realize a more(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach for keypoint-based object detection. Traditional keypoint-based methods consist in classifying individual points and using pose estimation to discard misclassifications. Since a single point carries no relational features, such methods inherently restrict the usage of structural information to the pose estimation(More)
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