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Varieties of exclusion
The problem of exclusion threatens non-reductive physicalist theories of the mind by implying that they cannot account for mental causation. This paper attempts to clarify what exactly the exclusion
Mind in a Physical World
he elaborated his famous attacks to different kinds of non-reductive physicalism, including supervenient-based accounts. But it is only around 1993 that he begins to develop a model that replaces SC.
Being Without Doing
Qualia and mental causation in a physical world : themes from the philosophy of Jaegwon Kim
1. Reality and reduction: what's really at stake in the causal exclusion debate Louise Antony 2. Two property theories and the causal conundrum for physicalism Frank Jackson 3. Mental causation: the
Despite a general, if often provisional, acceptance of quantum indeterminacy, and a now orthodox physicalism on which macroscopic states are held to depend in some sense on microscopic states, many
On heroines and the ethics of revenge: Emma Zunz and Borges’ metaphilosophy
The story Emma Zunz is a rara avis in the production of Jorge Luis Borges in two ways. First, women are rarely the main protagonists in his fictions. Second, while Borges explores philosophical