Marcelo H. Kobayashi

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We analyze the dynamics of a spherical scaffold in rotating bioreactors (or clinostats). The idealized clinostat environment consists of a purely rotational flow that is perpendicular to a gravitational field. We confirm through a detailed analytical study that lift effects considerably alter the position of the equilibrium point reached by the scaffolds in(More)
The low Reynolds numbers (< 5 × 10) flows over wings have some unique features specially concerning separation. A comprehensive knowledge about this flight regime is extremely important for the autonomous aircrafts (UAV), since a large percentage of these vehicles operated in this regime. In this report we simulate numerically the wind-tunnel experiments(More)
The present work concerns the formal evolutionary development of complex structural engineering systems using a biologically inspired evolutionary method. The bioinspired method presented in this study uses Map Lindenmayer systems, or more specifically mBPMOL-systems, which create single layered cellular structures, to mimic the biological process of(More)
Hybridization of Genetic Programming and global low-level optimizer, namely Genetic Algorithm was previously developed. With the aim of improving computational efficiency, conjugate direction search method is modified and proposed as a new low-level optimizer for upper level Genetic Programming. In order to demonstrate computational efficiency, Genetic(More)
The present paper addresses the numerical optimization of geometrical parameters of non-Newtonian micro-scale viscous pumps for biomedical devices. The objective is to maximize the mass flow rate per unit of shaft power consumed by the rotor when an external pressure load is applied along the channel that houses the rotor. Two geometric parameters are(More)
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