Marcelo Gonçalves Vivas

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Herein, we report on the two-absorption cross-section spectrum of trans-Pt(PBu3)2 (C≡C-C6H4-C≡C-C6H5)2 (PE2) platinum acetylide complex employing the femtosecond wavelength-tunable Z-scan technique. The PE2 complex can be visualized as two branches containing two phenylacetylene units, each one linked by a platinum center, completely transparent in the(More)
Herein, we report on the theoretical-experimental analysis of the two-photon absorption (TPA) and two-photon circular-linear dichroism (TPCLD) spectra of a highly conjugated, rigid, and centrosymmetric molecule in solution, that is, perylene/CH2Cl2. We show how a three-energy-level diagram, under the sum-over-essential states approach, assists in the(More)
This article reports on a comprehensive study of the two-photon absorption (2PA) properties of six novel push-pull octupolar triarylamine compounds as a function of the nature of the electron-withdrawing groups. These compounds present an octupolar structure consisting of a triarylamine core bearing two 3,3'-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl arms and a third group(More)
In this Letter, we explored the use of polarized two-photon absorption (2PA) spectroscopy, which brings additional information when compared to methods that do not use polarization control, to investigate the electronic and molecular structure of two chromophores (FD43 and FD48) based on phenylacetylene moieties. The results were analyzed using quantum(More)
This paper reports the synthesis of Au nanoparticles by 30-fs pulses irradiation of a sample containing HAuCl4 and chitosan, a biopolymer used as reducing agent and stabilizer. We observed that it is a multi-photon induced process, with a threshold irradiance of 3.8 × 10(11) W/cm2 at 790 nm. By transmission electron microscopy we observed nanoparticles from(More)
In this work we investigate the degenerate two-photon absorption spectrum of all-trans retinal in ethanol employing the Z-scan technique with femtosecond pulses. The two-photon absorption (2PA) spectrum presents a monotonous increase as the excitation wavelength approaches the one-photon absorption band and a peak at 790 nm. We attribute the 2PA band to the(More)
In this report, we investigate the polarization effect (linear, elliptical and circular) on the two-photon absorption (2PA) properties of a chiral compound based in azoaromatic moieties using the femtosecond Z-scan technique with low repetition rate and low pulse energy. We observed a strong 2PA modulation between 800 nm and 960 nm as a function the(More)
Abstract – Retinal is a chromophore of foremost relevance for potential applications in bio-photonics devices. Here, we study the degenerate two-photon absorption spectrum of all-trans retinal in ethanol. We observed two peaks; one associated to the twophoton dipolar contribution to a higher energy state, which contributes to the monotonic increase of the(More)
In this report, we investigate the influence of temperature on the two-photon absorption (2PA) spectrum of all-trans-β-carotene using the femtosecond white-light-continuum Z-scan technique. We observed that the 2PA cross-section decreases quadratically with the temperature. Such effect was modeled using a three-energy-level diagram within the(More)