Marcelo Gomes da Silva Bruno

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We present an RF-DSP co-design of a high power radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) based on LDMOS technology, addressed to WiMAX base-station applications. The design increases the overall efficiency of the PA stage by means of mixed design using simulation tools that include: two tone harmonic-balance, load and source pull and the use of a digital(More)
In this work we propose a partitioned predistorter (PPD) to compensate the nonlinear impairments produced by a Class AB LDMOS high power amplifier (PA). This kind of PA exhibits distinct input-output characteristics depending on the power regions, making difficult to compensate the distortion with a conventional predistorter (PD). A novel memory polynomial(More)
Please note that terms and conditions apply. Abstract One of the problems in the analysis of nucleus–nucleus collisions is to get information on the value of the impact parameter b. This work consists in the application of pattern recognition techniques aimed at associating values of b to groups of events. To this end, a support vector machine (SVM)(More)
[ from the EDITOR ] s many of you have heard, Thomson Reuters has recently released its Jour nal Citation Reports (JCR), where IEEE Signal Processing Magazine has ranked first among all IEEE publications (125 in total) and among all publications within the electrical and electronics engineering category worldwide (245 in total). JCR provides " a systematic,(More)
Registration of multiple sensors through common targets of opportunity is an extensively studied problem. The majority of proposed methods for computationally efficient estimation of sensor biases considered only the case of synchronous sensors. The relatively recent EXX method, however, allows exact estimation (under certain conditions) of sensor biases of(More)
[ from the editor ] T hree years ago, I wrote my i n a u g u r a l e d i t o r i a l , " Embracing a New Golden Age of Signal Processing, " [1] f o r o u r I E E E S i g n a l Processing Magazine (SPM). Today, while writing this farewell editorial and in representing our entire SPM editorial team, I can proudly say the golden era has not only arrived for us(More)
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