Marcelo Godoy Simões

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This paper investigates connecting renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and the others to the microgrids through power electronic interfaces for active power provision and also harmonic, unbalance, and reactive power compensation under both symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage sources. The four-leg converter topology is applied because of its better(More)
The Conservative Power Theory (CPT) is a time-domain theory applicable to any periodic signal, single- or poli-phase system with or without neutral conductor. The principle operation is the orthogonal decomposition of electrical variables, resulting electrical quantities with physical meaning. An important feature of the CPT is the current decomposition. It(More)
A comprehensive control of a wind turbine system connected to an industrial plant is discussed in this paper, where an algorithm has been developed allowing a control structure that utilizes a four-leg inverter connected to the grid side to inject the available energy, as well as to work as an active power filter mitigating load current disturbances and(More)
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