Marcelo Ferreira Torres

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PURPOSE Accidental fractures may occur during manipulation and transportation of plaster casts. In clinical practice, plaster fragments may be bonded without harming the accuracy of the final denture, provided that the bonding agent does not cause dimensional alterations. Cyanoacrylate could be a good material because of its ease of use, quick set, wide(More)
Clove oil is used as an anaesthetic for many species of fish worldwide; however, relatively few studies have assessed its effectiveness on Amazon fish species and no compelling evidence has ever been reported on the relaxant properties of this oil for skeletal muscle of fish. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the latencies to deep(More)
INTRODUCTION Marginal discrepancies may lead to cement washout and marginal leakage, damaging periodontal and pulp tissues or causing premature loss of the restoration. PURPOSE This study evaluated the influence of application site of provisional cement on the marginal adaptation of provisional crowns. MATERIAL AND METHODS Four different application(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies that evaluated the torque needed for removing dental implant screws have not considered the manner of transfer of the occlusal loads in clinical settings. Instead, the torque used for removal was applied directly to the screw, and most of them omitted the possibility that the hexagon could limit the action of the occlusal load in(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed at evaluating the bacterial colonization in dental implants inserted in the crestal or supracrestal position and correlated it to radiographic bone measurements. METHODS Thirty-five implants with regular platform in nine patients (mean age 62.4±11.2 years) were inserted either at the bone crest level (control group) or at a(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the variation in removal torque of implant prosthetic abutment screws after successive tightening and loosening cycles, in addition to evaluating the influence of the hexagon at the abutment base on screw removal torque. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty hexagonal abutments were tightened to 20 regular external(More)
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