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Artificial intelligence, conceived either as an attempt to provide models of human cognition or as the development of programs able to perform ‘intelligent’ tasks, is primarily interested in theuses of language. It should be concerned, therefore, withpragmatics. But its concern with pragmatics should not be restricted to the narrow, traditional conception(More)
If we had a balance of reasons, where the arguments presented in favor and against the case were weighed precisely and the verdict could be pronounced in favor of the most inclined scale ... [we would have] a more valuable art than that miraculous science of producing gold. —Gottfried W. Leibniz I. Western conceptions of rationality have been dominated by(More)
We describe and analyze an important cognitive obstacle in inter-and intra-community ar-gumentation processes, which we propose to call 'Cognitive Systemic Dichotomization' (CSD). This social phenomenon consists in the collective use of shared cognitive patterns based upon dichotomous schemati-zation of knowledge, values, and affection. We discuss the(More)
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