Marcelo Cardoso de Lima

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The current study examines changes in the postnatal hypothalamic angiotensin receptors by maternal protein restriction (LP), and its impact on in uteri programming of hypertension in adult life. The data show that LP male pup body weight was significantly reduced when compared to that of control (NP) pups. Also, immunoblotting analysis demonstrated a(More)
OBJECTIVE The current study considers changes of the postnatal brainstem cell number and angiotensin receptors by maternal protein restriction (LP) and LP taurine supplementation (LPT), and its impact on arterial hypertension development in adult life. METHODS AND RESULTS The brain tissue studies were performed by immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Hyaluronidase enzyme is an extremely important factor for the process of oocyte denudation, but little is known about its negative effects. METHODS This prospective randomized study analyzed the results of using different concentrations of hyaluronidase (Diluted: 8IU/mL and Normal: 80IU/mL) used for denudation of sibling-oocytes for 22 women(More)
BACKGROUND Considering long-term changes in renal sodium handling and blood pressure in maternal protein-restricted (LP) offspring, we assumed that the development of LP hypertension results from abnormal dorsal root ganglia (DRG) neurokinin expression associated with impaired responsiveness of renal sensory receptors, promoting a reduced urinary excretion(More)
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