Marcelo C. Andrade

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Echinobothrium raschii n. sp. from the spiral intestine of Rhinoraja longi in the Bering Sea, off the Aleutian Islands of Alaska is described. On the basis of the armature of the rostellum and cephalic peduncle the new species most closely resembles Echinobothrium acanthinophyllum, Echinobothrium acanthocolle, Echinobothrium coronatum and Echinobothrium(More)
The monotypic species Ossubtus xinguense was originally described based on scarce material putatively divided into juveniles and adults. Ossubtus xinguense has a restricted distribution and was previously known only from a few rapids downstream of the city of Altamira, in the Volta Grande stretch of the Middle Xingu River. Until recently, the species was(More)
Myloplus zorroi sp. n. is described from the Rio Madeira Basin in Amazonia. The new species had been treated as an undescribed Tometes species because of the absence of a marked abdominal keel and few small spines forming its prepelvic serrae, features commonly found in the species of the Myleus clade of the Serrasalmidae (species of genera Myleus,(More)
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