Marcelo Arturi

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BACKGROUND Xeric forests dominated by two tree species, Scutia buxifolia (Rhamnaceae) and Celtis tala (Ulmacea), are temperate, semi-deciduous wooded communities that represent the most abundant woodlands on the eastern plains of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The district of Magdalena has one of the most well-preserved native-forest areas, with an(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate the influence of weather (precipitation and temperature) and plant communities on grasshopper density over a 14-year period (1996-2009) in Benito Juárez County, Southern Pampas, Argentina. Total density strongly varied among plant communities. Highest values were registered in 2001 and 2003 in highly disturbed pastures and(More)
The forest in the province of Misiones, northeastern of Argentina, is a portion of Paraná Forest (or Atlantic Forest) located also in the south of Brasil and Paraguay. At the beginning of the last century the native forest had an extension of more than 100.000.000 ha. Actually, Brasil preserves only the 5% and Paraguay the 10% very spoiled and fragmented.(More)
Stands of Subtropical Montane Cloud Forest were studied in areas under different land use regimes near Los Toldos (NW Argentina). Circular plots were used to calculate density and basal area of trees with dbh > 10 cm; and density of trees with dbh < 10 cm. The stands were classified and grouped as a function of basal area. Five structures were recognized,(More)
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