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—Internet of Things devices being used now expose limitations that prevent their proper use in healthcare systems. Interoperability and security are especially impacted by such limitations. In this paper, we discuss today´s issues, including benefits and difficulties, as well as approaches to circumvent the problems of employing and integrating Internet of(More)
Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks (HCRAN) incorporate Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) and Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) concepts for next generation cellular networks. H-CRAN exploits the heterogeneity of macro and small cells from HetNet, enabling cellular networks to achieve a higher spectral efficiency. Meanwhile, concepts from CRAN(More)
The management of smart objects (SObjs) is an important task because they are huge in number and applications. Such huge number of SObjs may lead the Internet of Things (IoT) to face severe network conditions, in terms of network congestion and large delays. Thus, the management of SObjs is fundamental to avoid future IoT network problems. In such a(More)
Software defined radio enables the improvement of the radio-frequency spectrum utilization through the design of cognitive radio devices. The implementation of these devices must be based on spectrum sensing function searching for vacant channels and, opportunistically, transmit over these channels in a cognitive radio network. Therefore, the configuration,(More)
Cognitive radio make use of spectrum sensing techniques to detect licensed users transmissions and avoid causing interference. The major drawback in current spectrum sensing techniques is the use of static decision thresholds to detect such transmissions, which may be infeasible in public safety radio channels. More precisely, the cognitive radio may find(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to my mother Maria Aparecida Sousa Gay Marotta and also my sister Samantha Marotta. They always provided me all the financial and emotional support that I needed during my whole life. They are my life examples, my idols, and also my goals. In addition, I would like to thank my stepfather, brother in law,(More)
" Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right ". — HENRY FORD ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to my father Gentil Luiz Bondan and my mother Marli Pedroso Bondan, my life examples that helped me in all difficult times. I also would like to thank my brothers Ulysses Bondan and Moisés Bondan, that, together(More)
Cognitive radio devices are able to sense the spectrum of frequencies and share access to vacant channels. These devices usually have a candidate channels list that must be sensed to find a vacant channel. In this paper, we propose a novel system called ChiMaS, which is able to manage the candidate channels list implementing three tasks: Analysis, Creation,(More)
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