Marcelo Andrade da Costa Vieira

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A new restoration methodology is proposed to enhance mammographic images through the improvement of contrast features and the simultaneous suppression of noise. Denoising is performed in the first step using the Anscombe transformation to convert the signal-dependent quantum noise into an approximately signal-independent Gaussian additive noise. In the(More)
—This work proposes a new restoration method to improve mammographic images by using Anscombe Transform and Wiener Filter to quantum noise reduction. Besides, it is performed an image enhancement by using a restoration inverse filter, calculated based on the image system modulation transfer function (MTF). This pre-processing technique were used for a set(More)
OBJECTIVES This study applied a simple method to evaluate the performance of three digital devices (two scanners and one digital camera) using the reproducibility of pixel values attributed to the same radiographic image. METHODS Using the same capture parameters, a radiographic image was repeatedly digitized in order to determine the variability of pixel(More)
UNLABELLED To evaluate the performance of three digital devices regarding the noise added to digital radiographic images containing different optical densities. METHODS A radiographic image was digitized repeatedly ten times using two scanners (HP 4c/T and HP 5370C) and a digital camera (Nikon 990). A histogram tool measured a mean pixel value and the(More)
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