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Expert opinion was canvassed to identify crucial knowledge gaps in current understanding of climate change impacts on coral reef fishes. Scientists that had published three or more papers on the effects of climate and environmental factors on reef fishes were invited to submit five questions that, if addressed, would improve our understanding of climate(More)
Rapid rise in the population of older adults in India will lead to the need for increased health care services related to diagnosis, management, and long-term care for those with dementia and cognitive impairment. A direct approach for service provision through memory clinics can be an effective, successful, and sustaining means of delivering specialized(More)
A sequential approach to combining two establishedmodeling techniques (systems thinking and Bayesian Belief Networks; BBNs)was developed and applied to climate change adaptation researchwithin the South East Queensland Climate Adaptation Research Initiative (SEQ-CARI). Six participatoryworkshops involving 66 stakeholders based within SEQ produced six system(More)
Fisheries Research Agency, Japan (2013). Strategy for breeding study of fisheries organisms –A plan of proceedings of fisheries breeding in Japan. 1-20. (in Japanese) A sea area of around Japan is one of the fertile areas to produce marine natural resources in the world, the product amount of Japanese fisheries and aquaculture is only covered 60 % of the(More)
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