Marcello Ranieri

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Parallel and comparable corpora represent a crucial resource for different Natural Language Processing tasks like machine translation, lexical acquisition, and knowledge structuring but are also suitable to be consulted by humans for different purposes, such as linguistic teaching, corpus linguistics, translation studies, lexicography, multilingual(More)
Paykel's Clinical Interview for Depression (CID), an observer-rated scale, and Kellner's Symptom Questionnaire (SQ), a self-rating inventory, were administered to twenty-six patients with breast cancer: 1) the day prior to discharge after mastectomy or lumpectomy, 2) after six months, during a follow-up outpatient visit. There were no significant changes in(More)
Two cases of angiosarcoma of the breast observed in 1981 and 1982 are reported; one of these is still living, but with local recurrence. The pathogenesis, classification, prognosis and therapy of this malignant tumor are analysed. The review of the literature and personal experience seem to suggest that the treatment of choice should be surgical with(More)
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