Marcello Mezzasalma

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Lepidosaurs are frequently described as having highly kinetic skulls, and different forms of cranial kinesis have been described as being characteristic of their radiation. The model of amphikinesis proposed by Frazzetta, J Morphol 1962; 111:287-319, which was long considered a synapomorphy of the large suborder Sauria, is now much debated given its(More)
A karyological analysis on six Italian populations the slow worm (Anguis veronensis Pollini, 1818) was performed and their genetic differentiation at the mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene fragment from a Spanish sample has been assessed. The Italian populations were karyologically uniform, all showing 2n=44 elements, of which 20 were macrochromosomes and 24(More)
Fabio Maria GUARINO*, Claudio BUCCELLI, Vincenzo GRAZIANO, Pietro LA PORTA, Marcello MEZZASALMA, Gaetano ODIERNA, Mariano PATERNOSTER, Pierpaolo PETRONE Department of Biology, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy Department of Advanced Medical Sciences, Section of Legal Medicine, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy Department of(More)
Sexual differentiation (SD) during development results in anatomical, metabolic, and physiological differences that involve not only the gonads, but also a variety of other biological structures, such as the brain, determining differences in morphology, behavior, and response in the breeding season. In many reptiles, whose sex is determined by egg(More)
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