Marcello Mellini

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A depleted-uranium penetrator, shot in 1999 at Djakovica, Western Kosovo, and there collected in June 2001, shows evident alteration processes, perceivable as black and yellow coatings. XRD indicates that the black coating mostly consists of uraninite, UO2, with possible presence of other more oxidized uranium forms, such as U3O8. The yellow material is(More)
A practical, offline method for experimental detection and correction for projector lens distortion in the transmission electron microscope (TEM) operating in high-resolution (HR) and selected area electron diffraction (SAED) modes is described. Typical TEM works show that, in the simplest case, the distortion transforms on the recording device, which would(More)
Calcium sulphate dihydrate nanocrystals of 25-100 nm width have been synthesized in 100% purity and yield by means of a method--the cryo-vacuum process--consisting of rapid freezing of quasi-saturated solutions and subsequent vacuum assisted sublimation of water. Transmission electron microscopy reveals both curled nano-lamellae and smaller, irregular(More)
  • Scienze Polari, XVI Ciclo, +11 authors Tecla Zunini-Sertorio
  • 2003
The mineral dust of continental origin windblown to the East Antarctic Plateau has been studied for its geographical provenance and variability during the Quaternary. Four deep ice cores [EPICA-Dome C (75° 06’S, 123° 21’E), Dome B (77° 05’ S, 94° 55’ E), Vostok (78° S, 106° E) and Komsomolskaia (74° 05’ S, 97° 29’ E)] have been investigated. Dust provenance(More)
In contrast to twinning by merohedry the reciprocal lattices of the different domains of non-merohedral twins do not overlap exactly. If both twin domains are similar in size, there are often problems with the cell determinations and usual automatic indexing programs fail. But nowadays there are several programs that can deal with such kinds of problems(More)
Magnesiocarpholite, MgAl2Si2O6(OH)4, is a high-pressure/low-temperature mineral occurring in the metamorphic rocks of southern Tuscany (Monte Leoni and Monte Argentario). Chemical, Mössbauer, FTIR and single-crystal XRD characterizations were carried out to understand the symmetry and crystal chemistry of the mineral, since forbidden diffractions violating(More)
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