Marcello Lagana

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Modern vehicles are no longer mere mechanical devices; they comprise dozens of digital computing platforms, coordinated by an in-vehicle network, and have the potential to significantly enhance the digital life of individuals on the road. While this transformation has driven major advancements in road safety and transportation efficiency, significant work(More)
Intensive efforts in industry, academia and standardization bodies have brought vehicular communications (VC) one step before commercial deployment. In fact, future vehicles will become significant mobile platforms, extending the digital life of individuals with an ecosystem of applications and services. To secure these services and to protect the privacy(More)
Efficient communication in the crowded ISM band requires the communication networks to be aware of the networking environment and to control their communication protocols accordingly. In this paper we address the issue of efficient WSN communication under WLAN interference. We propose analytic models to describe the WLAN idle time distributions as observed(More)
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