Marcello Galeotti

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This paper analyzes the effects on economic agents' behaviour of an innovative environmental protection mechanism that the Public Administration of a tourist region may adopt to attract visitors while protecting the environment. On the one hand, the Public Administration sells to the tourists an environmental call option that gives them the possibility of(More)
(CATastrophe e Bonds are of significant importance in the field of alternative risk transfer. Since the market of CAT Bonds is not as liquid as e.g. the stock market, the use of pricing models is of high relevance. One important parameter in all pricing models is the probability of catastrophe. Consequently , there are two possibilities of determination. On(More)
The main objective of the paper is to analyze the effects on economic agents' behavior deriving from the introduction of financial activities aimed to environmental protection. The environmental protection mechanism we study should permit exchange of financial activities among citizens, firms, and Public Administration. Such a particular " financial market(More)
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