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In June 2005, an ad hoc Expert Committee formed by the Pituitary Society convened during the 9th International Pituitary Congress in San Diego, California. Members of this committee consisted of invited international experts in the field, and included endocrinologists and neurosurgeons with recognized expertise in the management of prolactinomas.(More)
BACKGROUND Untreated GH-deficient adults have a diversity of dysfunctions (e.g. reduced muscle strength, emotional instability during stress, depressive symptoms) that may cause deleterious effects on quality of life, and may be positively influenced by recombinant human growth hormone (rh-GH) therapy. AIM To evaluate the impact of a clinical intervention(More)
An intrasellar germinoma with normal tumor marker concentrations mimicking primary lymphocytic hypophysitis Germinoma intrasselar com marcadores tumorais normais mimetizando hipofisite linfocítica primária SUMMARY Intracranial germinomas (GE) are malignant neoplasms most commonly found in the suprasellar region, which may cause anterior and particularly(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the current study was to compare the objective and subjective effects of continuous positive airway pressure to the use of nasal dilator strips in patients with acromegaly and moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. METHODS We studied 12 patients with acromegaly and moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (male/ females = 8/4,(More)
INTRODUCTION Although rare, chronic hydrocephalus may cause amenorrhea and delayed puberty associated with obesity as the main endocrine manifestations. Since the first operation carried out in 1950 on a patient with amenorrhea and hydrocephalus, fewer than 30 patients with these features have been reported. CASE REPORT Our patient represents a teenage(More)
In March 2011, the Acromegaly Consensus Group met to revise and update the guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly complications. The meeting was sponsored by the Pituitary Society and the European Neuroendocrinology Association and included experts skilled in the management of acromegaly. Complications considered included cardiovascular,(More)
CONTEXT Biochemical control reduces morbidity and increases life expectancy in patients with acromegaly. With current medical therapies, including the gold standard octreotide long-acting-release (LAR), many patients do not achieve biochemical control. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to demonstrate the superiority of pasireotide LAR over octreotide LAR in(More)
PURPOSE A large, randomized, double-blind, Phase III core study demonstrated that pasireotide LAR was significantly superior to octreotide LAR at providing GH <2.5 μg/L and normalized IGF-1 after 12 months' treatment in patients with acromegaly. We report the efficacy and safety of pasireotide LAR and octreotide LAR after up to 26 months' treatment. (More)
Although there are international guidelines orienting physicians on how to manage patients with acromegaly, such guidelines should be adapted for use in distinct regions of the world. A panel of neuroendocrinologists convened in Mexico City in August of 2007 to discuss specific considerations in Latin America. Of major discussion was the laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVE Non-pituitary tumors have been reported in a subset of patients harboring germline mutations in the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein (AIP) gene. However, no detailed investigations of non-pituitary tumors of AIP-mutated patients have been reported so far. PATIENTS We examined a MEN1- and p53-negative mother-daughter pair with(More)