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Refinement is a key methodology for SoC design. The proposed IPSIM design environment, based on a C++ modeling library developed on top of SystemC 3.0, supports an object-oriented design methodology, separates IP modules into behavior and communication components and further establishes two inter-module communication layers. The Message Box layer includes(More)
The On-Chip Communication Network (OCCN) project provides an efficient framework, developed within SourceForge, for the specification, modeling, simulation, and design exploration of network on-chip (NoC) based on an object-oriented C++ library built on top of SystemC. OCCN is shaped by our experience in developing communication architectures for different(More)
Customized network-oriented communication architectures have recently become a must to support high bandwidth SoCs. To this end, a corresponding communication design flow is necessary to support the design space exploration of complex SoCs with tight design constraints. In order to exploit the benefits introduced by the NoC approach for the on-chip(More)
In order to reach exascale performance, current HPC systems need to be improved. Simple hardware scaling is not a feasible solution due to the increasing utility costs and power consumption limitations. Apart from improvements in implementation technology, what is needed is to refine the HPC application development flow as well as the system architecture of(More)
To support high bandwidth SoCs, a communication design flow is necessary for the design space exploration respecting tight design requirements. In order to exploit the benefits introduced by the NoC approach for the on-chip communication, the paper presents a design flow for the core mapping and customization of the network topology applied to STNoC, the(More)
—Clock distribution is an important issue when designing Multiprocessor Systems on Chip on deep-submicron technology nodes and nonsynchronous approaches are becoming popular in this field. This work presents a low-complexity link microarchitecture for mesochronous on-chip communication that enables skew constraint looseness in the clock tree synthesis,(More)
The open-source On-Chip Communication Network (OCCN) defines an efficient framework for network-on-chip modeling and simulation based on an object-oriented C++ library built on top of SystemC. OCCN increases the productivity of developing communication driver modelsthrough the definition of a universal communication API. This API provides a new design(More)
NoC architectures are considered the next generation of communication infrastructure for future systems-on- chip. Selection of the network architecture and mapping of IP nodes onto the NoC topology are two important research topics. In this paper we compare well known NoC interconnect systems, specifically, Ring, 2d-Mesh, Spidergon and unbuffered Crossbar(More)