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Event logs have been widely used over the last three decades to analyze the failure behavior of a variety of systems. Nevertheless, the implementation of the logging mechanism lacks a systematic approach and collected logs are often inaccurate at reporting software failures: This is a threat to the validity of log-based failure analysis. This paper analyzes(More)
While the new generation of hand-held devices, e.g., smart phones, support a rich set of applications, growing complexity of the hardware and runtime environment makes the devices susceptible to accidental errors and malicious attacks. Despite these concerns, very few studies have looked into the dependability of mobile phones. This paper presents(More)
As the incidence of faults in real Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) increases, fault injection is starting to be adopted to verify and validate their design choices. Following this recent trend, this paper presents a tool, named AVR-INJECT, designed to automate the fault injection, and analysis of results, on WSN nodes. The tool emulates the injection of(More)
This paper proposes a flexible framework for dependability modeling and assessing of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The framework takes into account network related aspects (topology, routing, network traffic) as well as hardware/software characteristics of nodes (type of sensors, running applications, power consumption). It is composed of two basic(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to assess time coalescence techniques. These techniques are widely used to reconstruct the failure process of a system and to estimate dependability measurements from its event logs. The approach is based on the use of automatically generated logs, accompanied by the exact knowledge of the ground truth on the failure(More)
Self-adaptive management and quality adaptation of multimedia services are open challenges in the heterogeneous wireless Internet, where different wireless access points potentially enable anywhere anytime Internet connectivity. One of the most challenging issues is to guarantee streaming continuity with maximum quality, despite possible handoffs at(More)
This work presents a failure data analysis campaign on Bluetooth personal area networks (PANs) conducted on two kind of heterogeneous testbeds (working for more than one year). The obtained results reveal how failures distribution is characterized and suggest how to improve the dependability of Bluetooth PANs. Specifically, we define the failure model and(More)
Event logs are the primary source of data to characterize the dependability behavior of a computing system during the operational phase. However, they are inadequate to provide evidence of software faults, which are nowadays among the main causes of system outages. This paper proposes an approach based on software fault injection to assess the effectiveness(More)