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Reliability is one of the most relevant software quality attributes. A common way to analyze software reliability is the use of software reliability growth models (SRGM). There is a variety of SRGMs that have been proposed across years, which aim at providing estimates of reliability at a given time, as well as predictions of reliability that will be(More)
The anytime, anywhere access view of nomadic computing is evolving towards all the time, everywhere views of pervasive computing. The all the time access requires mobile devices to be always connected, even if connectivity may be compromised due to Access Point overload and to transient signal degradations. The everywhere access requires mobile devices to(More)
Many critical services are nowadays provided by large and complex software systems. However the increasing complexity introduces several sources of non-determinism, which may lead to hang failures: the system appears to be running, but part of its services are perceived as unresponsive. On-line monitoring is the only way to detect and to promptly react to(More)