Marcello Castellano

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This paper presents an e-Government Framework that allows the cooperation among applications of different Government Agencies in order to supply new added value services (Event of life services) tailored to citizens and business needs. Moreover it promotes an internal process reengineering realized by integrating governmental legacy applications. The(More)
In this paper medical applications on a Grid infrastructure, the MAGIC-5 Project, are presented and discussed. MAGIC-5 aims at developing Computer Aided Detection (CADe) software for the analysis of medical images on distributed databases by means of GRID Services. The use of automated systems for analyzing medical images improves radiologists’ performance;(More)
A fundamental activity in biomedical research is Knowledge Discovery which has the ability to search through large amounts of biomedical information such as documents and data. High performance computational infrastructures, such as Grid technologies, are emerging as a possible infrastructure to tackle the intensive use of Information and Communication(More)
Extracting useful information from a very large amount of biomedical texts is an important and difficult activity in biomedicine field. Data to be examined are generally unstructured and the available computational resources do not still provide adequate mechanisms for retrieving and analyse very large amount of contents. In this paper we present a(More)
In this paper a biometric system for personal identification, realized through the manipulation of retinal fundus images and the detection of its bifurcation points, is described. In the image pre-processing step, a strong contrast exaltation between blood vessels and the background in retinal image is carried out; then blood vessels are extracted and next(More)
This paper presents a flexible mining system built on a multi-tier architecture. The architecture of the system is designed on the Model-View-Controller design pattern. The aim of the paper is to define and validate a process of knowledge discovery, starting from structured and unstructured data, in a distributed and heterogeneous environment by integrating(More)
Becoming more competitive and more effective in the current scenes of Business and Public Administration, the organizations must be able to approach easily and quickly to the information on the customers and the external conditions of market. In other words it means to head at the improvement of the Decision Support Systems. Decision Support System is(More)
Data mining is becoming a pervasive technology in several activities as using historical data to predict the success of a marketing campaign, looking for patterns in financial transactions to discover illegal activities or analyzing genome sequences. In this paper we adopt a reference flexible mining architecture able to discover knowledge in a distributed(More)