Marcello Borromeo

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In a recent experiment [Müller, Phys. Rev. A 79, 031804(R) (2009)] reported a splitting of the stochastic resonance peak, which they attributed to the asymmetry of an effective double-well restoring potential in their optomechanical read-out device. We show here that such an effect, though smaller than reported, is indeed consistent with a characterization(More)
Transport in one-dimensional symmetric devices can be activated by the combination of thermal noise and a biharmonic drive. For the study case of an overdamped Brownian particle diffusing on a periodic one-dimensional substrate, we distinguish two apparently different biharmonic regimes: (i) Harmonic mixing, where the two drive frequencies are commensurate(More)
The nonequilibrium escape dynamics in a bistable system under the influence of two Gaussian noises, one obtained by recycling, the other with a constant delay time, is shown by numerical simulation to exhibit stochastic synchronization; i.e., under stationary conditions, an appreciable fraction of renewal trajectories gets locked to the noise-recycling(More)
The rectification efficiency of an underdamped ratchet operated in the adiabatic regime increases according to a scaling current-amplitude curve as the damping constant approaches a critical threshold; below threshold the rectified signal becomes extremely irregular and eventually its time average drops to zero. Periodic (locked) and diffusive (fully(More)
The one-dimensional motion of a massless Brownian particle on a symmetric periodic substrate can be rectified by reinjecting its driving noise through a realistic recycling procedure. If the recycled noise is multiplicatively coupled to the substrate, the ensuing feedback system works like a passive Maxwell's daemon, capable of inducing a net current that(More)
We simulated numerically the time evolution of a one-kink bearing, damped elastic string sitting on noiseless periodic substrates of two types: (I) asymmetric, time independent, (II) symmetric, periodically deformable. An asymmetric kink subjected to an ac drive is shown to drift steadily with finite average speed independent of its initial kinetic(More)
Diffusion of an overdamped Brownian particle on a symmetric periodic substrate is investigated in the presence of pulsated perturbations of two kinds: (i) Stepwise lateral displacements (flashing substrate) and (ii) instantaneous tilts (shot noise). Pulses are applied, as it is often observed, in either periodic or random sequences with assigned mean (bias)(More)
Transport in a one-dimensional symmetric device can be activated by the combination of thermal noise and a bi-harmonic drive. The results of extensive simulations allow us to distinguish between two apparently different bi-harmonic regimes: (i) harmonic mixing, where the two drive frequencies are commensurate but not too high; (ii) vibrational mixing, where(More)
In eccentric septate channels the pores connecting adjacent compartments are shifted off-axis, either periodically or randomly, so that straight trajectories parallel to the axis are not allowed. Driven transport of a Brownian particle in such a channel is characterized by a strong suppression of the current and its dispersion. For large driving forces,(More)