Marcello Bagnasco

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The concept of sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer surgery relates to the fact that the tumor drains in a logical way through the lymphatic system, from the first to upper levels. Therefore, the first lymph node met (the sentinel node) will most likely be the first to be affected by metastasis, and a negative sentinel node makes it highly unlikely(More)
The mechanisms responsible for thyrocyte destruction in Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) are poorly understood. Thyrocytes from HT glands, but not from nonautoimmune thyroids, expressed Fas. Interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta), abundantly produced in HT glands, induced Fas expression in normal thyrocytes, and cross-linking of Fas resulted in massive thyrocyte(More)
The assessment of pathological effects produced by environmental tobacco smoke in humans is controversial in epidemiological studies. On the other hand, animal models are poorly sensitive to smoke carcinogenicity. We designed an experimental study assessing the tissueselective formation and persistence of DNA adducts in smoke-exposed rats. Sprague-Dawley(More)
BACKGROUND Presently, sublingual immunotherapy is widely used as an alternative to the injection route for respiratory allergy, but its pharmacokinetics in humans is poorly known, and data are available only for Par j 1 allergen. We aimed at assessing the biodistribution of iodine-123-radiolabelled Der p 2 in allergic volunteers. METHODS Purified Der p 2(More)
This article reviews approximately 700 results reported in the literature with 32 chromium compounds assayed in 130 short-term tests, using different targets and/or genetic end-points. The large majority of the results obtained with Cr(VI) compounds were positive, as a function of Cr(VI) solubility and bioavailability to target cells. On the other hand,(More)
This article reviews literature data concerning the genotoxicity of 29 mercury-containing agents, including laboratory compounds as well as ingredients of preparations used as fungicides, dyes, disinfectants and drugs. A variety of genetic end-points were investigated in bacteria, yeasts, moulds, plants, insects, cultured cells from fishes, rodents or(More)
The thiol N-acetylcysteine (NAC), an analog and precursor of glutathione, displays cancer preventive properties not only in early stages of the carcinogenesis process but also in its advanced stages. NAC inhibited type-IV collagenase activity as well as invasion, tumor take, and metastasis of malignant cells in murine models. Previously, we provided(More)
An in vivo study was carried out with the objectives of evaluating (a) the localization of DNA lesions resulting from exposure to chromium(VI) by the respiratory route, (b) the molecular nature of DNA alterations, and (c) modulation of DNA damage by a known chemopreventive agent. To this purpose, Sprague-Dawley rats received intratracheal instillations of(More)
Genotoxic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic hazards arising out of pollution in the marine environment are discussed in this article, with special reference to the situation in the Mediterranean area. A number of chemical compounds or complex mixtures relevant to marine pollution, either natural or of anthropogenic origin, are tentatively listed, along with(More)
Leukocyte-associated Ig-like receptor (LAIR) is a small family-receptor able to inhibit immune cell function via collagen binding. It exists as both membrane-bound and soluble forms. LAIR-1 functions as an inhibitory receptor on natural killer cells, T lymphocytes and monocytes. In addition to LAIR-1, the human genome encodes LAIR-2, a soluble homolog.(More)