Marcello A. Gómez Maureira

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In this report we describe the use of ThingSpeak, an “Application Programming Interface” (API) and web service for the “Internet of Things” (IoT). While the interpretation as to what should be understood under the term is changing over time, here we refer to enabling objects or simple devices to be identified and communicated with via the Internet. The(More)
Human body sensors are on the rise, but their integration in games and game development is lagging. With many commercial sensors on the market, it should be easy to gauge player’s reactions using biometrics (psychophysiology). Players will soon expect their sensors to interact with the game, similar to gym equipment. We present a simple but powerful(More)
Subliminal priming is an extensively researched technique in cognitive psychology. Research often focuses on highly controlled lab-environments, with only a few studies attempting to translate it to applications outside the laboratory. In this study, visual affect priming was deployed in the complex environment of a horror computer game, while maintaining(More)
In this paper we compare the effects of using three game user research methodologies to assist in shaping levels for a 2-D platformer game, and illustrate how the use of such methodologies can help level designers to make more informed decisions in an otherwise qualitative oriented design process. Game user interviews, game metrics and psychophysiology(More)
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