Marcelle Phaneuf

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Gastrointestinal colonization and systemic dissemination by Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis were compared in intact and immunocompromised mice. Five-day-old CFW mice were inoculated by the oral-intragastric route with 1.0 x 10(7) CFU of two C. albicans and two C. tropicalis strains isolated from the blood of patients with acute leukemia and with C.(More)
We have demonstrated in a previously described murine model of gastrointestinal (GI) and systemic candidiasis that the antifungal angent cilofungin was efficacious in clearing infection of body organs when administered subcutaneously by infusion, but permitted large numbers of Candida albicans in the GI tract to persist. Yeast and hyphae in these animals(More)
The radium and uranium processing industry exists in Port Hope, Ontario, since 1932. Between 1932 and 1966, most of the waste material from these industries was deposited throughout the town. During these years, waste management practices did not prevent the spread of contamination. Several environmental and health studies have been conducted to assess the(More)
Association of particulate matter with adverse health effects has been established in epidemiological studies and animal experiments. Epidemiological studies are difficult to undertake while animal studies are impractical for high-throughput toxicity testing. The ease and rapidity of in vitro tests emphasizes their potential for use in risk assessment of(More)
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