Marcelle Auday Costa

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The effects of drought on membrane lipids and leaf pigments and the ability of andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aubl.) plants to attenuate oxidative damage through antioxidant enzymes or adjusting carotenoids and glycinebetaine (GB) were examined. Assessments were performed when pre-dawn leaf water potential (Ψpd) of water-stressed plants reached −1.35 and −3.21(More)
The effect of long-term feeding of dietary fiber and two levels of cholesterol on monkey colonic microbial metabolism was studied. Three groups of African green monkeys were fed for 3.5 yr purified diets containing 9.7% cellulose or psyllium husk and 0.8 mg cholesterol per kcal or 9.7% cellulose and 0.1 mg cholesterol per kcal. Total viable anaerobe and(More)
The effects of inoculating an in vitro continuous culture system with primate colon contents compared to fecal material, and the effect of feeding these cultures psyllium husk, a fermentable, or cellulose, a less fermentable, dietary fiber were tested. Modified 500-ml Bellco culture chambers were continuously infused with buffered medium containing vitamin(More)
In this study we sought to evaluate the potential of rat tail replantation as a tool for very-small-vessel microvascular anastomoses. We used 10 adult Sprague-Dawley rats. The tail was completely amputated 2.0-cm distal to the base of the tail. Then the tail was replanted with anastomoses of two superficial dorsal veins from both sides and one artery. All(More)
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