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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether CYP17 T>C polymorphism and polymorphisms C1558T and Val80 of CYP19 are related to endometriosis. DESIGN Clinical study. PATIENT(S) Women affected with endometriosis (n = 104) and control group (n = 86). The diagnosis of endometriosis was confirmed by the histologic examination of the endometriotic lesions. RESULT(S) In(More)
To evaluate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy on the coagulation cascade using an experimental model of multiple organ failure syndrome (MOFS). MOFS was induced by zymosan (500 mg/kg i. p.) in rats. HBO therapy (2 ATA) was administered in a cylindrical steel chamber 4 and 11 h after zymosan administration. In a separate set of experiments(More)
Mediator (MED) is a fundamental component of the RNA polymerase II-mediated transcription machinery. This multiprotein complex plays a pivotal role in the regulation of eukaryotic mRNA synthesis. The yeast Mediator complex consists of 26 different subunits. Recent studies indicate additional pathogenic roles for Mediator, for example during transcription(More)
UNLABELLED Thrombosis is the most frequent complication and the second cause of death in patients with malignant disease. Primary central nervous system non-Hodgkin's lymphoma represents a rare pathology. Resistance to APC is usually linked to a factor V (FV) gene mutation changing an Arg 506 to a Gln in the APC cleavage site. AIM In our study, we aimed(More)
Sensitized candidates for heart transplant usually end up on a long waiting list and have an increased risk of rejection, graft loss, and incidence of cardiac allograft vasculopathy. An increasing number of studies have demonstrated the negative effect of preformed and posttransplant antibodies on graft survival. Thus, in sensitized patients, the(More)
Oxidation and glycation enhance foam cell formation via MAPK/JNK in euglycemic and diabetic subjects. Here, we investigated the effects of glycated and oxidized LDL (glc-oxLDL) on MAPK-ERK and JNK signaling pathways using human coronary smooth muscle cells. Glc-oxLDL induced a broad cascade of MAPK/JNK-dependent signaling transduction pathways and the AP-1(More)
BACKGROUND The recent introduction of new automated assays needs careful definition of reference values in healthy children. The aim of this study was to determine serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) and osteocalcin in a large group of healthy children according to age. METHODS We selected 2,288 healthy children (1,079 girls, 1,209 boys), aged 2-16 years.(More)
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