Marcella Santos

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In this paper, a synergy of signal processing techniques and intelligent strategies is applied in order to identify different types of human brain tumours, so that to help to confirm the histological diagnosis. The wavelet-SVM (support vector machine) classifier merges wavelet transform to reduce the size of the biomedical spectra and to extract the main(More)
In many real life processes, operational objectives, constraints and the process itself may change over time. This is due to changing product requirements, market demands and other external or internal influences, which constitute a certain scenario. Model-based techniques can provide optimal solutions to the corresponding scheduling and process control(More)
Physics studies in fusion devices require statistical analyses of a large number of discharges. Given the complexity of the plasma and the non-linear interactions between the relevant parameters, connecting a physical phenomenon with the signal patterns that it generates can be quite demanding Up to now, data retrieval has been typically accomplished by(More)
In the analysis of signals from massive databases it is desirable to have automatic mechanisms for classification. The synergy of diverse artificial intelligence techniques with advanced signal representation models is becoming very efficient in developing this kind of task. In this paper, it is shown that genetic algorithms focused on rule discovery might(More)
Early development of fish larvae is a highly dynamic process and its study may provide important information about ontogenetic development, bioenergetic growth, behaviour, taxonomic characteristics for identification in natural environments, identification of spawning areas, and population monitoring. With the aim to provide knowledge about their growth and(More)
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