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The spectrum of somatic mutation of the most aggressive forms of neuroblastoma is not completely determined. We sought to identify potential cancer drivers in clinically aggressive neuroblastoma.Whole exome sequencing was conducted on 17 germline and tumor DNA samples from high-risk patients with adverse events within 36 months from diagnosis (HR-Event3) to(More)
Neuroblastoma (NB) is a threatening childhood malignancy. Its prognosis is affected by several morphological, and biological characteristics, including the constitutive expression of ALK tyrosine kinase. In this study we examined the therapeutic potential of a novel ALK inhibitor, entrectinib, in obliterating NB tumor cells. Entrectinib showed the(More)
Aiming at determining the prevalence and the risk factors associated to astrovirus infection in puppy, fecal samples were collected in 316 puppies (age from 5 to 14 weeks of age) from 33 French breeding kennels. Data were registered for each puppy, including age, breed, gender, origin of the dog, and feces quality. The samples were tested by specific RT-PCR(More)
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