Marcella Nicolini

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This paper empirically studies the e¤ects of service o¤shoring on white-collar employment, using data for more than one hundred U.S. occupations. A model of …rm behavior based on separability allows to derive the labor demand elasticity with respect to service o¤shoring for each occupation. Estimation is performed with Quasi-Maximum Likelihood, to account(More)
We exploit a panel dataset of Hungarian rms merged with product-level trade data for the period 1992-2003 to investigate the relation between rms' trading activities (importing, exporting or both) and productivity. We nd important self-selection e ects of the most productive rms induced by the existence of heterogeneous sunk costs of trade, for both(More)
To determine the influence of the metal coordination sphere on the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), rats were injected intraperitoneally with aluminum lactate (Al(lact)3), aluminum acetylacetonate (Al(acac)3), aluminum maltolate (Al(malt)3) at pH 7.5, or with physiological saline. Two h after each treatment, [14C]sucrose physiological saline(More)
The present paper reports data concerning aluminum accumulation and compartmentation in the central nervous system from rats exposed by inhalation to aluminum acetylacetonate [Al(acac)3] for two weeks. The complex Al(aca)3 was chosen for being neutral, hydrolytically stable and lipophilic. After animals treatment, Al(III) was identified fluorimetrically by(More)
A recent paper by C. N. Martyn and colleagues (1) appears to reinforce the environmental dismetabolic aluminum hypothesis of McLaclan (2), i.e., the involvement of abnormal aluminum (III) accumulation in the brain in the etiology of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Another recent review by Deary and Whelley (3) remarkably presents AD as a peculiar syndrome, which(More)
This paper investigates how the ownership and the procedure for the selection of …rms operating in the local public transport sector a¤ect their productivity. In order to compare di¤erent institutional regimes, we carry out a comparative analysis of 72 companies operating in large European cities. This allows us to consider …rms selected either through(More)
  • Silvio Contessi, Francesca de Nicola, +6 authors Jeff Nugent
  • 2012
T he relationship between trade and gender has recently emerged as an important theme in the international economics and development literature. The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal No. 3 is to promote gender equality and empower women, a broad goal that can cover many areas of economic and non-economic activity. The entire World Development(More)
Aluminum lactate [Al(lact)3] (hydrophilic, hydrolytically unstable) and aluminum acetylacetonate [Al(acae)3] (lipophilic, hydrolytically stable) were tested as potential toxicants to rabbits upon IV administration both as aqueous solutions and as liposome suspensions. Both chemicals behaved as cardiotoxic agents when administered as aqueous solutions, but(More)
Controversy over the relevance of aluminium to certain human encephalopathies has emphasized the importance of in vivo and in vitro models as tools for shedding light on the biological and molecular aspects of the aluminium toxicity. The search for an experimental model in animals or in cultured cells able to reproduce specific pathological human conditions(More)