Marcella Guarino

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The beneficial effect of a TiO2-based photocatalytic treatment on the indoor air purification of a swine farm has been evaluated in a trial performed in two identical mechanically ventilated traditional weaning units, with 391 animals lodged in each of them. One unit was used as reference, whereas the walls of the second unit (260 m2) were coated with ca.(More)
The constantly growing yearly demand for meat, dairy products and eggs has important implications for agricultural production methods. Nowadays livestock/crop production is becoming increasingly industrialised worldwide, shifting from extensive, small-scale, subsistence production systems towards more intensive, large-scale, geographicallyconcentrated,(More)
One of the largest animal welfare problems in modern pig production is tail biting. This abnormal behaviour compromises the well-being of the animals, can seriously impair animal health and can cause considerable economic losses. Tail biting has a multifactorial origin and occurs mainly in fattening pigs. High stocking densities, poor environment and bad(More)
Materials and methods: (Landrace × Large White) × Duroc pigs (N = 216), averaging 89.8 ± 0.4 kg LW at approximately 6 months of age, were evenly distributed among 18 pens (six pens per room, equal numbers of barrows and gilts per pen). Nine pens provided a low space allowance (LSA; k = 0.033; 1.0 m2 per animal; 126 pigs), and nine pens provided a high space(More)
The objective of this research was to develop a non-invasive method to detect an emotional response of a horse to novelty during physical activity. Two horses performed 20 trials each, in which the horse's heart rate (HR) and physical activity were continuously measured. The relationship between the horse's physical activity and HR was described by a(More)
Animal production is a main source of NH3 emission into the environment and a significant producer of other polluting gases. Most of the best available techniques (BAT) that could be used today are not very widely applied in the field because of costs, especially in existing livestock buildings. Industrial applications show that TiO2 catalytic paint can be(More)
Cough can be a biomarker in case of respiratory diseases. By monitoring and analyzing cough sounds through automatic devices, the farmer can obtain an early warning about a developing outbreak of respiratory infections. Cough sounds can be characterized by particular acoustic features (amplitude, frequency and duration) that are obtained by sound recording,(More)
Pig vocalisations convey information about their current state of health and welfare. Continuously monitoring these vocalisations can provide useful information for the farmer. For instance, pig screams can indicate stressful situations. When monitoring screams, other sounds can interfere with scream detection. Therefore, identifying screams from other(More)