Marcella Flinterman

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The expression of cytochrome (CYP) P450 enzymes in human oesophageal mucosa was investigated in a total of 25 histologically non-neoplastic surgical tissue specimens by using specific antibodies in immunoblots and by RT-PCR mRNA analysis. The presence of CYP1A, 2E1, 3A and 4A enzymes was demonstrated by both techniques; CYP2A reactive protein was also(More)
Apoptin, a protein derived from the chicken anaemia virus, induces cell death in various cancer cells but shows little or no cytotoxicity in normal cells. The mechanism of apoptin-induced cell death is currently unknown but it appears to induce apoptosis independent of p53 status. Here we show that p73, a p53 family member, is important in apoptin-induced(More)
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a common, inherited, incurable, fatal muscle wasting disease caused by deletions that disrupt the reading frame of the DMD gene such that no functional dystrophin protein is produced. Antisense oligonucleotide (AO)-directed exon skipping restores the reading frame of the DMD gene, and truncated, yet functional dystrophin(More)
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