Marcella Coronnello

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Two methotrexate-resistant sublines, CCRF-CEM R3/7 and CCRF-CEM R30/6, were selected from the human leukemia T-lymphoblast cell line, CCRF-CEM, after repeated exposures (7 and 6 times, respectively) for 24 h to constant concentrations (3 and 30 microM) of the drug. Analysis of the mechanism of resistance revealed no differences in levels of dihydrofolate(More)
1. Human and murine neuroblastoma cell lines were used to investigate, by the whole-cell patch-clamp technique, the properties of a novel inward-rectifying K+ current (IIR) in the adjustment of cell resting potential (Vrest), which was in the range -40 to -20 mV. 2. When elicited from a holding potential of 0 mV, IIR was completely inactivated with time(More)
The major cause of failure in cancer chemotherapy is the development of multidrug resistance (MDR), and the characterization of biological factors involved in this response to therapy is particularly needed. A doxorubicin-resistant HCT-8/R clone was selected from sensitive parental cells and characterized analyzing several parameters (cell cycle phase(More)
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