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OBJECTIVE The cause of pediatric chronic sinusitis is multifactorial, but nasal edema appears to be the initial pathologic step. The objective of this study is to evaluate gastronasal reflux as a possible cause of pediatric sinusitis. METHODS Thirty children with chronic sinusitis were believed to be appropriate candidates for functional endoscopic sinus(More)
Short latency linear vestibular sensory evoked potentials (VsEPs) provide a means to objectively and directly assess the function of gravity receptors in mammals and birds. The importance of this functional measure is illustrated by its use in studies of the genetic basis of vestibular function and disease. Head motion is the stimulus for the VsEP. In the(More)
Actinomycosis is a granulomatous infection occasionally found in the head and neck region that potentially may complicate a major head and neck oncologic surgical procedure. A case presentation, a review of the pertinent literature, and the treatment of this infectious complication are the primary elements of this report. A chronic infection of the neck(More)
To gain insight into the role of luxSHi in disease pathogenesis, we inactivated that gene in several non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae isolates with an antibiotic resistance cassette. Gene inactivation was confirmed by PCR and by Southern blot analysis in each strain. Culture filtrates from luxSHi mutants contained a decreased amount of autoinducer-2(More)
Follicular helper T cells (Tfh cells) are required for T cell help to B cells, and BCL6 is the defining transcription factor of Tfh cells. However, the functions of BCL6 in Tfh cells have largely remained unclear. Here we defined the BCL6 cistrome in primary human germinal center Tfh cells to assess mechanisms of BCL6 regulation of CD4 T cells, comparing(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to determine whether functional endoscopic sinus (FES) surgery performed in children with chronic rhinosinusitis alters facial growth. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING This was a retrospective age-matched cohort outcome study performed at a tertiary care hospital. RESULTS Sixty-seven children participated. There were 46 boys and 21 girls,(More)
Significantly higher levels of plasma CXCL13 [chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 13] were associated with the generation of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) against HIV in a large longitudinal cohort of HIV-infected individuals. Germinal centers (GCs) perform the remarkable task of optimizing B-cell Ab responses. GCs are required for almost all B-cell(More)