Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte

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In order to effectively analyze and build cyberphysical systems (CPS), designers today have to combat the data deluge problem, i.e., the burden of processing intractably large amounts of data produced by complex models and experiments. In this work, we utilize monotonic parametric signal temporal logic (PSTL) to design features for unsupervised(More)
We address the problem of synthesizing reactive controllers for cyber-physical systems subject to Signal Temporal Logic (STL) specifications in the presence of adversarial inputs. Given a finite horizon, we define a reactive hierarchy of control problems that differ in the degree of information available to the system about the adversary’s actions over the(More)
Learning from expert demonstrations has received a lot of attention in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is to infer the underlying reward function that an agent is optimizing given a set of observations of the agent’s behavior over time in a variety of circumstances, the system state trajectories, and a plant model specifying the(More)
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