Marcelino Rodriguez-Cancio

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In this work, we characterize a new form of software diversity: the existence of a set of variants that (i) all share the same API, (ii) all behave the same according to an inputoutput based specification and (iii) exhibit observable differences when they run outside the specified input space. We quantify computational diversity as the dissimilarity between(More)
A few works address the challenge of automating software diversification, and they all share one core idea: using automated test suites to drive diversification. However, there is is lack of solid understanding of how test suites, programs and transformations interact one with another in this process. We explore this intricate interplay in the context of a(More)
Microbenchmarking evaluates, in isolation, the execution time of small code segments that play a critical role in large applications. The accuracy of a microbenchmark depends on two critical tasks: wrap the code segment into a payload that faithfully recreates the execution conditions of the large application; build a scaffold that runs the payload a large(More)
Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a global concern as they impose significant economic consequences on the healthcare systems. In the U.S. alone, HAIs have cost hospitals an estimated $9.8 billion a year. An effective measure to reduce the spread of HAIs is for Health Care Workers (HCWs)to comply with recommended hand hygiene (HH) guidelines.(More)
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