Marcele Elisa Fontana

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Marked changes in the auscultatory pattern with posture have been noted in patients with mid-systolic clicks and/or late systolic murmurs (MSC-LSM). MSC tend to move earlier in systole and LSM become longer and often louder when patients assume upright posture. Systolic prolapse of the mitral leaflets with mild regurgitation account for MSC-LSM; earlier and(More)
Absent pulmonic valve (APV) in tetralogy of Fallot produces a pulmonic regurgitation murmur (PRM) which is usually late in onset after A2, low pitched, and of crescendo-decrescendo character. We have seen three adult patients with tetralogy of Fallot with APV and have done intracardiac sound and pressure studies in two. The PRM was loudest in the RV outflow(More)
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