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There were two objectives to these studies: 1) to compare the lipoprotein cholesterol distribution in two animal models in response to different dietary treatments and 2) to assess whether the(More)
Guinea pigs were fed 15% (w/W) fat, high in lauric and myristic acids, a diet known to produce hypercholesterolemia in these animals. The diet was given alone or in combination with four doses of(More)
BACKGROUND Microsomal transfer protein inhibitors (MTPi) have the potential to be used as a drug to lower plasma lipids, mainly plasma triglycerides (TG). However, studies with animal models have(More)
To investigate the mechanisms by which Moringa oleifera leaves (ML) modulate hepatic lipids, guinea pigs were allocated to either control (0% ML), 10% Low Moringa (LM) or 15% High Moringa (HM) diets(More)